Buying: An Overview & Caitlin's Role as Your Agent

As a buyer in today’s market, you have a multitude of options when it comes to selecting an agent. With the increasing number of websites now available for buyers to view properties & window shop online, it can be easy for some to dismiss a buyer’s agent role to merely being the person who unlocks the door to provide a tour & submits an offer to the listing agent.

But, in reality, a buyer’s agent provides many more valuable services – and ultimately, it is not only the skill, but also the dedication of your agent that will determine the overall success of your transaction & the price you pay for your home. 

Listed below are the primary steps of the buying process & Caitlin handles each step of the transaction as an agent: 


  • ​​Searching for the Property: Due to Caitlin's experience as an attorney and as a broker at Windermere, she has access to exceptional resources. After determining your search criteria, Caitlin will utilize & research all possible resources to provide you with a list of all the available homes that best suit your needs. And she will continually & timely update you with the new listings that match your criteria. 
  • Selecting the Property: Caitlin will work with your schedule to make appointments to view the properties that you’re interested in & she will efficiently tailor our tours so that your time spent touring is maximized & not needlessly wasted. Once you’ve toured a property that picques your interest, she will do the necessary research to help you identify any possible concerns & ensure that the home you love in person – also matches up to its potential on paper.
  • Financing: If you intend to finance the purchase of your home, one of the preliminary steps of the buying process is getting pre-approved by a lender. As former bank attorney, knowledgable in the lending process, Caitlin can help you navigate the financing process from start to finish. If you need help selecting a lender, Caitlin can put you in touch with a trusted group of reputable lenders & can help you determine which lenders best suit your needs. 


  • Determining the Amount: Once you’re ready to make an offer, Caitlin will provide you with a detailed market analysis so that you can make an informed decision & help you determine an offer price that not only is a fair market value, but also realisticly has a chance of being accepted.
  • Tailoring the Offer: Outside of the offer price, there are many other considerations for how to structure your offer, particularly in a competitive offer situation where you might be competing against other buyers. In drafting your offer, Caitlin will explain all your particular options, the implications of each option & will discuss the best possible strategy for your offer. 


  • Inspection: Once your offer is accepted, Caitlin will schedule & attend any necessary inspections so that you’re knowledgeable & confident about condition of the home that you are purchasing. After the inspections are completed, she will review the inspection report and will help you determine what repairs & credits should be requested.
  • Reviewing Title: At her previous job as an attorney, Caitlin reviewed title reports on a daily basis & was tasked with curing any defects that appeared on title. As a title expert, she can review the title report for the property that you are purchasing, explain the implications of each item on the report & advise you of any potential concerns.  
  • Escrow: During the closing process, as a buyer, you will have a lot of paperwork that you will need to review & sign. Due to Caitlin's expertise in reviewing paperwork from a legal standpoint, she can help answer any questions that come up during the escrow process & address any concerns. 

Caitlin welcomes the opportunity to help you at any point of your home buying journey. If you are interested in beginning your home search with a skilled professional, have a question about a specific property, or have any questions about Caitlin's experience as a broker, please contact her directly at (206) 422-8998;