More About Me

Having spent my lifetime immersed in real estate, and with a background as an experienced real estate attorney, I am uniquely qualified to offer a level of service that surpasses many - and I strive to provide my clients with peace of mind during some of their most important financial & personal decisions.

Why I'm a Broker:

My training in real estate began at an early age. Growing up in the Seattle area, my family moved rather frequently (my parents - both real estate enthusiasts; by age 18, I had lived in 10 different homes all over the Eastside). Moving on average every 1.8 years meant much of my childhood was spent touring homes with my parents – and it was during those countless tours that I fell in love with architecture, design & all things real estate. While some little girls were busy playing dress up with their dolls – I was busy rearranging the furniture in my room (early attempts at ‘staging’) and reading books about the works of Frank Lloyd Wright.
After attending the University of Southern California and the University of Oregon School of Law, I returned to Seattle to begin my legal career as a real estate attorney. Several years later, and after spending one summer deeply invested in helping my Mom purchase yet another home, I realized that my heart wasn’t in the courtroom litigating property disputes – and I was happiest when I was using my talent to help others when they were making one of life’s biggest decisions – buying or selling a home.

My Role as Your Agent:

I am sincerely committed to helping my clients and I handle each one of my client's transactions with the same dedication & diligence as if it were my own - and my previous career as an attorney shapes my approach as an agent. When working with my clients, my philosophy is to act more like an ‘advocate' and less like a ‘salesman'. In real estate, salesman & advocates ultimately have the same objective: selling a home for the best price possible. But the two differ when it comes to the client relationship: a salesman is usually only concerned with his bottom line – whereas an advocate is always acting in accordance with his client's best interest.
Due to the many years I spent growing up in Seattle, looking at homes, and living across the Seattle area, I'm well-acqutainted with Seattle's various neighborhoods, which helps my buyers find the right home that best serves their needs - and my design & marketing knowledge ensures my sellers will sell their home quickly and for the highest price. And having spent six years as a real estate attorney, my extensive experience in the areas of property law, title, financing, and condominiums allows me to smoothly guide my clients through each step of the transaction – and means that I will skillfully negotiate the sale so they are getting the best deal possible.

And I'd Love to Hear From You:

Residing on a floating home on Lake Union in the Eastlake neighborhood, I spend much of my free time paddle boarding, exploring Seattle's furniture & design shops, enjoying a good happy hour with friends, and training my new puppy (Ruby). If you are interested in buying a home or putting your property on the market, please contact me anytime for a no-obligation consultation. I can be reached at (206) 422-8998 or by email at