Selling: Caitlin's Philosophy & Her Role as Your Listing Agent 

In order to have a successful selling experience, a listing agent must assume two very different roles – that of design & marketing consultant – and that of project manager & skilled negotiator. To maximize your home’s resale potential, a listing agent must help you effectively prepare your home for sale & be able attractively market it to the widest possible audience of eligible buyers. And once the preparation steps are completed & your home is listed for sale, your listing agent must be able to effectively communicate with other agents & buyers and tactfully negotiate the sale, so that you are able to accept the highest & best offer presented. 

As a lifelong design enthusiast & having worked on design & staging projects for national clients such as Condé Nast, Caitlin has the eye, experience & resources that will help you attractively prepare your home for sale & ensure it is marketed in the best possible light. And due to Caitlin's background as an attorney, she is prasied by her clients for being highly organized, an effective communicator & a skilled negotiator – all skills that will help you obtain & accept the best possible offer for your home. Outlined below are the primary steps of the listing process & how Caitlin handles each step of the process as an agent: 



  • Site Visit & Consultation: During Caitlin's initial visit to your home, she will advise on what are the most effective changes & improvements that can be made to your home – changes which will maximize its marketing potential – all while keeping the cost of each improvement in mind. 
  • Staging & Design: Whether your home is vacant & would benefit from being fully staged, or whether you have lived in your home for decades with years worth of furniture, or anywhere in between, Caitlin will work with you to help determine the best way to stage your home for sale & prepare it for photos.
  • Photos: With many buyers beginning their home search online, photos are one of the most critical elements to a successful listing (as some buyers will not even go see a property if is has bad photos). Once your home has been designed, staged & is fully photo ready, Caitlin will attend & help direct the photo shoot – with a professional photographer who will take high-definition, high-quality photos that will showcase your home in the best possible light. 



  • Determining Price: Besides the photos, determining the correct list price is another critical component to a successful sale – overpricing a home from the outset can cause it to sit on market for much longer & sell for ultimately less than if the home had been appropriatey priced from the outset; or if priced too low from the outset, you could potentially accept an offer for less than you should. Thus, determining the list price is a delicate balance of obtaining the highest price possible for your home, but also ensuring your home doesn't languish on market for a long period of time without any reasonable offers. Further, other personal considerations might need to be factored into a pricing strategy, such as how quickly you might need to sell due to time constraints, the minimum amount you must receive from the sale, etc. To help you determine the right list price for your home, Caitlin will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis, detailing the relevant comparable sales & will advise on the appropriate list price, while taking your personal needs as a seller into consideration. 
  • Creating a Marketing Strategy: Apart from price, another element to a successful sale is creating a specific marketing strategy that is catered to your home & highlights your home's most attractive elements – such as location, style of architecture, quality of materials, floor plan, school district, etc. Caitlin will create a marketing plan that will highlight all the best features of your home, while welcoming your input at any point of the creative process. 
  • Brochures & Marketing Materials: Once the photos are ready & a marketing strategy in place, Caitlin will create high-quality, color brochures & marketing materials that will be provided to agents & prospective buyers. 
  • Use of Social Media: Caitlin will list your property on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service ("NWMLS"), which licensed agents use to market & view available properties. Additionally, she will market your property on other third party real estate sites used by buyers, such as Zillow, so that your home is reaching the widest possible audience available. 



  • Communicating about the Sale: Once your home is listed for sale, Caitlin will keep you continually updated about the showing activity on your home, the level of interest received from prospective buyers & she will keep you informed about any other pertinent aspects of the listing. Quick & effective communication during this portion of the process is critical, because as soon as your home receives an offer, your ability to evaluate that offer is largely based upon your knowledge of the listing's activity up to date & how many other possible parties might be interested in your home. 
  • Accepting an Offer: After a buyer has submitted an offer on your home, Caitlin will discuss the offer with you – advising in detail on its strengths & potential weaknessness, so that you can make an informed decision about the mertis of the offer & whether you should accept, counter, or reject. 



  • Ensuring Deadlines Are Met: Once you have accepted an offer & you are under contract to sell, there are several additional steps the buyer must accomplish & deadlines that the buyer must meet – such as completing an inspection, obtaining financing for the purchase, etc. As the listing agent, Caitlin will work to ensure the transaction remains on schedule & intact, so that the sale can close on time. 
  • Closing Paperwork: As a seller, there will be several legal documents that will require your review & signature. Caitlin will help guide you through the closing process & help answer any questions you have about the documents requiring your signature. 
  • Coordinating the Final Steps: As the sale of your home is reaching the closing date, it can be a chaotic time, possbily with needing to find your next home, movers needing to be scheduled, furniture sold, etc. During this time, Caitlin will work with your schedule & will assist you with getting in touch with any professionals you might need during your move & transitioning phase. 


Caitlin would be honored to assist you with the sale of your home. If you are interested in listing your home for sale with an experienced professional, would like to schedule a free consultation regarding the sale of your home, or have any questions about Caitlin's experience as an agent or would like to see a resume of her previous work, please contact her directly at (206) 422-8998 or